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  • Please fully read the terms and conditions. Failure to do so may lead to fines or suspension of service privileges.

  • The full terms and conditions are presented at checkout and must be acknowledged on the request form.

  • This is the only request system available for reserving gadgets, and the rules, terms, and conditions apply equally to all users, including students, faculty, and staff.

  • The 48-hour lead time cannot be bypassed.

  • Submission of a request does not guarantee availability.

  • Please add to your contacts or safe senders list to ensure delivery of the reservation system's emails.

  • Pay close attention to the pickup and return dates selected for EACH item when placing requests.

  • Reservations are not transferable. Proxy pickup is not allowed. We will not give an item to anyone other than the person who placed the request.


Explanation of request and loan period:

1. Request Start Time: The fixed start time for equipment lending requests is 10 pm on the requested date.

Example 1.1: You need a camera for Monday, January 8th. You will submit your request for pickup on Sunday, January 7th. Pending availability, requests will be fulfilled by 10 pm, Sunday, January 7th. Requests may be available earlier in the day. Any requests that cannot be fulfilled will be canceled by 10 pm on the request date.

2. Due Time: Items are due back by 10 pm on the due date.

Example 1.2: If the requested items retrieved on Sunday, January 7th were available for the maximum loan duration, the items will be due back by 10 pm Tuesday, January 9th.

4. Retrieve By Date and Time: During regular operating hours, the retrieve-by deadline is 9:59 pm on the date following the request date. Please ensure you pick up your requested items by this time. Any requests not retrieved by the deadline are considered ***No Pickups. Those requests will be canceled.

Example 1.3: The request submitted to start Sunday, January 7th must be retrieved by 9:59 PM on Monday, January 8th.

5. Library Closure Days: On days when the library will close, the retrieve-by deadline is 6 pm to coincide with the building’s closing time. These updated times will be communicated in your request approval and loan receipt emails.

  • Request submission is affected by Library and service closures. The service is closed during break weeks. To check out equipment over the break period or other closures, submit a request with a reservation start time that occurs before closure. If the maximum loan period's (2 days) due date falls on a "Closed" day, the system will automatically shorten the available loan period to the closing hour of the last business day before the break. If you'd like to keep the items during the break, please note that in the "Reason needed" field. If possible, the Gadgets team will update the booking to adjust the due date and time to the next business day. This ONLY applies to requests affected by Library closures.

***No Pickups will result in fines and/or suspension of Gadget borrowing privileges.

  • Delivery via Lockers: Requests are delivered via lockers for your convenience. Oversized items will need to be retrieved from the INFODesk on the ground floor of Price-Gilbert.

❗Renewals/Extensions are not permitted. You may submit a second request for a back-to-back booking. However, you will be required to return the items on loan and pick up the new items.

I agree to return this equipment by the due date. I will be responsible for fines that accrue, including damage to, loss, or theft of this equipment. Technical assistance is available by request via the Ask Us page. In the "Contact the Georgia Tech Library" section. Choose 'Gadgets Question' from the drop-down menu. You may also utilize the Ask Us page for any questions about Gadgets' fines, holds, or account blocks.

I will read all communications, terms, and conditions, and follow all instructions there.

I will immediately report any physical damage to items in my care to the GaTech Library Gadget Team.

I understand that a Staff member will inspect devices at checkout and upon return.

I am responsible for checking the condition of all equipment at pickup and immediately reporting physical defects or operability issues to the Gadgets Team.

I will ensure that all equipment is returned with the specific parts and pieces, and inside the proper bag or case, it was loaned with.

Example I: You decided to remove the attached camera strap or lens filter. All must be reattached before return.

Example II: You check out two like cameras. It is your responsibility to ensure the accompanied accessories (i.e. battery, charger, cables) are returned in the correct case, with the correct camera.

🛑 While these items may look similar, in many cases they are not. A camera with the incorrect battery or charger will not be operational.

I will return all loaned items by the due date.

I accept full financial responsibility for the device and its components, including fines, fees, repairs, and replacement costs*, including a $20 processing fee and a damage fee of $25**. I understand that overdue fines are $25 per day, per item with a maximum fine of $175 per overdue item.

Failure to return the equipment in the condition received will result in replacement costs being assessed to the borrower's library account.

Any violation of Gadget Service policy will result in fines and/or suspension of borrowing privileges.

*Cost of equipment when acquired by the Library, subject to change based on the current replacement cost.

**This is a minimum fee. Fees could be more depending on the actual cost of repair.

***No Pickup: Failure to request a cancelation or to retrieve reservation items checked out to your account by the pickup deadline.

  • 1st No Pickup - user will receive a warning email stating the policy infraction.
  • 2nd No Pickup - user will incur a one-week ban from the Gadgets reservation system.
  • 3rd + No Pickup - user will incur a one-week ban from the Gadgets reservation system and a $5 fine.

Borrowers are required to accept and acknowledge these terms and conditions at checkout.

The full terms and conditions are included in the approval email.


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